Monday, July 28, 2014

Pure Islam Being Displayed in Iraq

If people want to know how Islam founded by Mohammed was intended to be practiced, they can go to one of two places.  you can go to Saudi Arabia or Iraq.  There are many other Islamic countries doing their best to return to Pure Islam.  We must begin to understand that Islam was never intended to be peaceful.  From it's start 1400 years ago, it is an ideology that is very, very violent.  Islamic leaders have always taught that when Islam is weak or outnumbered, they lay low and do not seek outside attention.  When they are strong the true Islam comes out.  This is beginning to happen because there are no world leaders strong enough to stand up against Islam.

There are also world leaders who are Pure Islam biggest fans.  One is Obama.  For centuries when people are being abused, murdered, or persecuted, America has always been the one to fight the tyrants.  Thousands upon thousands of innocent Christians are being slaughtered in the name of Islam in various Islamic countries, to include Iraq.  Where is America?  Obama has sidelined our military and will not allow our Christian and Jewish nation to help fellow Christians.

We are losing the war on Islamic terrorism and America may soon be a lost empire.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No More Sympathy For So Called Moderate Muslims

Christians and Jews the world over are being slaughtered in the name of Islam.  Do the so called Moderate Muslims denounce Hamas, SISL, Al Qaeda, etc...?  No.  Instead they call for Israel and America to stop the oppression of Muslims and for them to stop the violence against Muslims.  These moderates believe Israel and America are the problems (terrorists) and not Islamic terrorist groups.

Right now a Caliphate is building in Iraq. The moderate Muslims in America are not denouncing the building of a Caliphate.  Why?  Because this is a basic tenet of Islam.  Any Muslim who has even a mild to firm belief in Islam, believes in Islam taking over the world.  Christians in Iraq are being told to leave, revert to Islam, pay taxes, or face death.  Remember this is the tolerant and peaceful Islamic ideology dictating this.

There will still be many Americans who say the actions of Al Qaeda and ISIS are not what is being taught in mosques around the world.  I have now visited over 275 mosques in America, and dozens around the world.  The very same mosques the alleged moderate Muslims attend have the very materials that ISIS uses.  Murdering and forcing Christians to accept Islam is not a new tactic.  This idea came directly from the pseudo Prophet Mohammed.

To save America, Israel, and all peace loving and innocent people around the world, we must now demand the so called moderate Muslims to choose.  They can either support Islam and it's violence, or they can convert to Christianity or Jew.  To not convert means they prefer Hamas and other terrorists instead of Israel and America's right to exist.

It seems harsh, but we are living in a time that requires allegiance to the non Muslim countries of the world.  So many times I go to lectures and am told there are many Muslims who work side by side with non Muslims, and are moderate Muslims.  There is no definition for a moderate Muslim in the Islamic dictionary.  The closest definition for a moderate is an Apostate of Islam.

When you meet Muslims who say they do not like what ISIS and Hamas are doing to Christians, then tell them to put up or shut up.  In other words tell them to leave Islam if they feel it is evil, or stay with Islam and stop the deceit about Islam being peaceful.  We no longer want to hear their lies.

The Christians and Jews do not have an obligation to show any support of Muslims at any level who believe in an ideology that calls for the destruction of Israel and America.  Dave Gaubatz

Monday, July 21, 2014

Islamic organizations and their Worshippers to Protest Against Israel This Week

I have a source that sends me internal emails from the ADAMS Center, ISNA, etc...

Where: Capitol Hill

When: Thursday, July 24, 2014 from 9AM-5PM

It would be nice to have hundreds of Israel supporters countering the Muslims who support Hamas (Islamic terrorist organization).  The fact that Muslims are protesting against Israel is just another example of their true beliefs about Jews, Christians, and their false allegiance to America.  Islam and it's believers can't assimilate into America.  Shariah law and the U.S. constitution are not compatible.  The only way to defeat Islamic based terrorism is to destroy the Islamic ideology itself.  Through marketing campaigns we must continue to denounce Islam as evil and dangerous.  Maybe in a few decades people will cring when they hear the word Islam, just as we cringe today when Hitler and his murderous Nazi's are mentioned.  Dave Gaubatz

adams1] Fwd: ACTION ALERT: Emergency Advocacy Day for Gaza THIS THURSDAY

'Ahmad M. Abuhamda' [adams1] via

12:18 PM (2 hours ago)
to adams1
--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ADC <>
Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 12:13 PM
Subject: ACTION ALERT: Emergency Advocacy Day for Gaza THIS THURSDAY

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee


Where: Capitol Hill

When: Thursday, July 24, 2014 from 9AM-5PM

As the violence in this tragic humanitarian crisis continues to escalate, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) encourages you to take part in this unique opportunity to directly participate in the democratic process by meeting with your Congressional Representatives and Senators to advocate for the human rights of the Palestinians. It takes a community of engaged and organized members to change public policy. The Arab-American community must be unified with itself, as well as with other civil and human rights organizations, in order to change Congress’ anti-Palestinian policies.

Click here to sign up for Advocacy Day.
To facilitate Advocacy Day, ADC, Code Pink, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the Coalition of Palestinian American Organizations (CPAO), and other advocacy organizations will provide memos to highlight specific talking points. ADC will also hold a pre-meeting briefing in the Rayburn House Office Building at 9am and a debriefing at 4:30pm on Thursday, July 24, 2014. The briefings will be held in Room 2456.
Make your meetings now! Advocacy Day is next week. Contact your Senators and Representatives today to request meetings for Thursday, June 24, 2014 between 10 AM and 4 PM. Ask to meet with the leglislative assistant or staffer who handles foreign affairs. Please call to schedule your own meetings in the Senate and House offices in the state and congressional district in which you are registered to vote.
Click here to search your Representatives' phone numbers by stateClick here to search your Senators' phone numbers by state
For help scheduling a meeting, or for additional information about ADC Palestine Advocacy Day, please send an email to

Take Action to Stand with Palestine: Participate in Advocacy Day for Gaza
Over the past week, Israel has launched an assault on Gaza over that has resulted in the deaths of at least 548 Palestinians as reported by Reuters on Monday, July 21th. At least 111 children have been killed. The death toll in this asymmetric warfare continues to rise, and over 3,000 Palestinians have been wounded. Over 80,000 Palestinian civilians were forced to flee their homes in northern Gaza and take shelter in UN facilities to escape Israeli bombs and shelling. Further, the UN reported that 77% of the people who were killed in Gaza were civilians, and called for a cessation of hostilities and a comprehensive peace agreement.
While many media outlets have objectively covered the Gaza crisis from a human rights perspective, and even highlighted the disparate plight of Palestinian suffering, Congress remains a bastion of staunchly pro-Israel support:

  • Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reaffirmed their uncritical support for Israel by passing a completely one sided Resolution: S. Res. 498, “Expressing the sense of the Senate regarding United States support for the State of Israel as it defends itself against unprovoked rocket attacks from the Hamas terrorist organization.” The resolution condemned only Hamas, and failed to mention any Palestinian deaths caused by Israeli airstrikes.
  • Thursday, the Senate voted to send an additional $621 million to Israel. This is on top of the $3.1 billion we already give to Israel every year. According to a Congressional Research Service Report from April, 2014: “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II. To date, the United States has provided Israel $121 billion in bilateral assistance. Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance.” Congress claims that this strong bilateral relationship is based on “a mutual commitment to democratic values,” yet Israel is clearly not committed to democratic values; Israel has been bombing civilians and children in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Congress is complicit in Israel’s crimes. This blatant disregard for the human rights of the Palestinian people is unacceptable. Congress must be informed that the status quo of Israeli occupation and impunity is unacceptable to their constituents, including the Arab-American community and all those who value human rights. In order to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine, we must first end the Israeli occupation of Congress. The next intifada must take place not in Occupied Palestine, where Israel kills with impunity. The next battle must take place in the halls of the United States Congress, where we have equal rights under law, and constitutionally protected freedom of expression.
Take Action: Click here to sign up for Advocacy Day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

U.S. Cops Out of Control: Military Style Tactics Upsetting Americans

City, County, State, and Federal Law Enforcement (LEO) are increasingly crossing the line from helping U.S. citizens, to targeting U.S. citizens and using Gestapo tactics.  There are many incidents each day of excessive force and police brutality in America.  I spent my entire adult career in law enforcement and feel I can discuss this taboo topic.

Many LEO's believe they are above the law.  They feel when they confront a suspect (speeding ticket to murder), the person is already guilty and no humanity is shown the suspect.  All it takes is one wrong word to the cop, and you face being tasered, beaten, or even shot.  it does not seem to matter if the suspect is an 8 year old child, an 85 year old lady in a wheelchair, or a 95 year old bed ridden man in a nursing home.

Why is this happening.  It is a long range goal of the Obama administration and liberals to align cops with their military counterparts.  Many U.S. cops believe they are a military unit, with military style weapons and equipment, and have the authority to do as they wish with a suspect.

The phrase that is most often used by law enforcement are: 'Stop Resisting'  Officers are trained to say this several times while assaulting a suspect.  They know many incidents are recorded and they can come to court and say they told the suspect to stop resisting 10 different times.  It doesn't matter to many courts if the suspect was shown to not be resisting, had to obtain medical care for serious wounds caused by the officers, or was a 6 year old girl who was already handcuffed.  Sad when a 200 pound man feels he can pummel a young girl or handicapped person.

There have been a rash of U.S. citizens who have began attacking officers who have brutalized them or their families.  This should not be happening, but when the police and court system continue allowing cops to commit crimes while on duty, these attacks will continue.  Many Americans no longer trust the police.

If you or a family member are unlawfully attacked by a police officer, you must report the crime.  You will find resistance in most police departments to help you, but don't stop trying.  Continue up the chain until you receive assistance.  Do not be afraid to report abuse to the media and also to report the abuse on social media networks.

When Americans fear the people who are supposed to protect their constitutional rights, we have lost America.
Cops Taser Handcuffed Girl
Cops Arrest Firefighter While He was Helping Crash Victims
Cops Point Guns At Sleeping Baby

Cops Raid Wrong House, Assault 12-Year-Old Girl

In Galveston, Texas, a 12-year-old girl stepped outside her home to flip the breaker switch for her mother when a blue van stopped outside the home, three men jumped out, grabbed her and called her a prostitute. When the child screamed for her Dad to help her, the men covered her mouth and beat her in the face and throat. The three men were undercover police officers who happened to be at the wrong house when they grabbed this child. The girl was hospitalized and suffered bruising and ear drum injuries as a result of the incident. Three weeks later, police showed up at the child's school and arrested her for assaulting a public servant for fighting back when they grabbed her. The judge declared a mistrial in the case on the first day of trial and it was rescheduled. The child's mother, Emily Milburn, has filed a lawsuit against the officers.

Woman Dies While Cop Writes Speeding Ticket

A man who was driving his 83-year-old dying mother to the hospital was stopped by a Shelby County, Tennessee deputy less than a mile from the hospital because his truck had expired tags. The officer insisted on writing the ticket instead of letting the man get his mom to the hospital, and as a result, she died. The deputy had been with the sheriff's department less than three years and faced no disciplinary action as a result of the incident. The son of the deceased woman says that the deputy showed no remorse for his mother's death.

Disabled Woman in Wheelchair Dies After Being Tasered 10 Times

In Clay County, Florida, a 56-year-old mentally ill, wheelchair-bound woman died after police shot her 10 times with Taser guns. Police were called to the home of Emily Delafield because of a disturbance. During a disturbing 911 call before her death, Delafield told the dispatcher she believed she was in danger and that her sister was trying to harm her. Officers say when they arrived, Delafield was in her wheelchair, threatening police and family members with two knives and a hammer. One officer Tasered Delafield nine times for a total of 160 seconds and another officer Tasered the woman once for less than 5 seconds. Delafield's death was ruled a homicide.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The FBI Are Not America's First Line Defenders

The FBI Are Not America's First-Line Defenders
2 July 2014
By: Dave Gaubatz

American citizens are led to believe the FBI and it's force of approximately 14,000 Federal Agents are America's first line of defense against Islamic based terrorism.  They are not. You, the American public are America's first line of defense and if you do not do your job, we will have Al Qaeda and ISIS fighting in the streets of America and killing innocent Americans.

The 30 page booklet pictured above is found in most Sunni Islamic mosques, public libraries and even in U.S. public schools. It is produced in Saudi Arabia and then distributed all across America by the hundreds of thousands through organizations such as CAIR (Islamic terrorist organization).  It is a book meant to capture the attention of young children with it's pretty colors.  There is only one problem.  The book is written and edited by Islamic terrorists such as Ali Al Timimi.  He is currently in a U.S. prison for terrorist activity against America. 
Article By Investigative Project Ali Al Timimi

The FBI does not consider this book, written by a terrorists, to be dangerous and a form of violent Islamic material.  The FBI has recently stated only about 10% of mosques in America have violent material in their mosques.  They are not even close to the true percentage.  At least 80 plus percent have violent materials in their mosques, the same materials Al Qaeda and ISIS use to educate their mujahadeen (fighters) in understanding 'Pure Islam' as their Prophet Mohammed desired 1400 years ago.

I can not even give a number on emails, phone calls, and one on one conversations I have had with Americans who complain they have contacted the FBI to provide information pertaining to suspected Islamic terrorist activity in America, only to be ridiculed by the Agents and called Islamaphobes.

No American should be demeaned by the FBI when they are trying to protect our country.  The FBI works for Americans, not for politicians and Islamic organizations such as CAIR and ISNA.

The FBI has forgotten an age old tactic to solve crimes, specifically crimes committed by Islamic terrorists.  Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is the number one method of obtaining evidence about criminal activity.  FBI Agents as well as other Agents from various agencies are relying on electronic technology to solve and prevent crimes.  One becomes detached from the American public when you rely on 'computers' to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks.

You must remember American citizens (does not include illegal aliens) have always been on the front lines protecting our country, not the FBI and it's 23 year old college kids who are taught by liberal professors on how to combat criminal activity.

The FBI was formed in 1908.  Who protected our country prior to their formation? Answer: You.  If you have any information pertaining to Islamic based terrorism, do not let an FBI Agent ignore and ridicule you.  you must insist they do their job and taken a written report.  You should obtain the report number.  Even information that is not validated to obtain criminal activity must be noted by the FBI using an internal numbering system.  Agents have forgotten even intelligence provided that may seem insignificant could be very significant when added to other pieces of information.

When reporting information to the FBI, always obtain a business card from the Agent and request follow up, even if they intend to do nothing.  If you believe they are not taking you seriously, make a formal complaint against the Agent.  

A major problem with the FBI is that they are under the direction of U.S. Attorneys, and at the top of the chain is the U.S. attorney, currently Eric Holder.  Americans should not expect to be greeted politely by FBI personnel when reporting information on Muslims suspected of being involved in terrorism.  Their boss Eric Holder has made it known that Islam and Muslims receive a higher priority from our government, than a non Muslim U.S. citizen.  In the FBI there is no such term as Islamic based terrorism.

Holder and his boss Obama, have made it very clear to all that terrorism committed by Muslims has no attachment to the Islamic ideology.  How we can defeat an enemy when our government does not identify the enemy?  We can't, unless American citizens become more involved and do the intelligence gathering the FBI should be doing.  

We must all get more involved in the security of our country.  A good example is from a good friend of mine, Steve Amundson (California).  Steve puts in many hours of his off time to get involved in educating as many Americans as he can in the dangers of the Islamic ideology and Islamic terrorists.  Article about Amundson's Recent Work on Educating Americans

Get involved or be prepared to raise the white flag of surrender to Islam.

"A Radical Muslim' is a 'Practicing Muslim', a 'Moderate Muslim' is a 'non Practicing Muslim' or otherwise known as an Apostate of Islam...The penalty for Apostasy under Sharia law is Death"   
Dave Gaubatz
"Destroy the Islamic ideology worldwide and we will have peace worldwide" Dave Gaubatz
"Islam is an economic, military, and political ideology, that uses religions as a method to obtain their ultimate goal: Islamic Ummah (Nation)Worldwide and under Sharia law" 
"CAIR has a larger and more dependable 'Confidential Informant' Network' than our entire FBI Department.  CAIR has devoted non Muslim people within local, state, and federal government.  They have police officers in high positions, medical personnel, military personnel, and most importantly they have Pastors, Ministers, and Rabbi's.
"We are not at war with Al Qaeda, Hamas, The Taliban, or other Islamic terrorist groups.  We are at war with Islam itself and the groups that emerge from the violent ideology of Islam are our secondary enemies". 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Islam Can't Be Reformed

Islam Can't Be Reformed
By: Dave Gaubatz
19 May 2014

Today I received about 25 emails asking me if Islam can be reformed.  Specifically they wanted to know if a Muslim could follow Islam and not Shariah law.  They said a well known counter-terrorism expert who was recently on the radio said a Muslim could set aside Shariah law and still be a good Muslim.  I laughed and laughed when I heard this.  The people who say this are the 'Medical Quacks' of the 1800's.  They will give their audience anything for a few pennies.

This was my basic answer to the separation of Shariah from Islam:
"There is no Islam without Shariah law. One can't separate the two. There is no Christianity without the Ten Commandments, and the same goes for Islam. The alleged counter-terrorism experts who say a person can be a follower of Islam, yet does not practice Shariah, should be tuned out. They are hurting the educational awareness of understanding 'Pure Islam'. Islam was founded on the sayings and actions of Prophet (Pseudo) Mohammed. He is the example for all Muslims to follow. If a Muslim denies the sayings and actions of Mohammed, he/she has committed both 'Blasphemy and Apostasy'. Dave Gaubatz, Author 'Muslim Mafia'

Islamic leaders put out material distributed from Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia detailing the specifics of how a 'Pure Muslim' should lead their lives in accordance with Shariah law. A Muslim can't pick and choose which aspects of Shariah they want to adhere to and which ones they prefer not. A Muslim is either Shariah compliant or they are not. In other words, they either practice Shariah law or they are non practicing Muslims. If a Muslim does not adhere at least in his or her heart to all aspects of Shariah law, they are considered Apostates by their leaders. This is a death sentence for them regardless of what country they reside in. Islam and Shariah law have no boundaries. Boundaries are man-made specifically by Jews and Christians, and in the hearts of Muslims they are meaningless. 

The following three requirements are directly from Islamic leaders/Imams from whom my research team and I have received advice over the last three years. The intelligence I collect is always first-hand intelligence.

1.  Islam is not a religion. Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology. Religion within Islam is used as a tactic to achieve the ultimate goal of Islam which is an Islamic Ummah (nation) worldwide and under Sharia law.

2.  Shariah law is an all or nothing. A Muslim can't pick and choose which parts of Sharia they desire to adhere to. 90% of Shariah law may be peaceful, but it is the 10% that innocent people must 'fear'. This part pertains to the intolerance of other religions, the hatred of Jews, Christians, and even Muslims who do not adhere to Shariah law, and physical Jihad. All Muslims are not required to physically fight their enemies, but 'All' Muslims must assist in equipping and financing their brothers and sisters who are engaged in physical Jihad. For a Muslim to choose not to do so equate to him/her being an Apostate of Islam; again this is a death sentence for the accused.

3.  The innocent people of all races, religions, and cultures are at war with Islam. This is the hardest and most difficult concept for people to understand. The Muslims who committed murder on 11 Sept. 2001 were doing so in the name of Islam. The 4000 plus men and women who have been murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan were killed in the name of Islam. Maj. Hassan from Ft. Hood who killed several people did so in the name of Islam. The same materials being studied by Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Taliban are the exact materials being distributed across America and provided to innocent young Muslim children to study in order to be 'Pure Muslim'.

During the last year I have met with thousands of Patriots around the world.  I have had one main goal.  I want people to realize there is no peace in Islam.  Islam and Shariah law are very dangerous and one need only look around the world each day to confirm this.  When an alleged counter-terrorism expert tells you there is a peaceful side to Islam and Shariah law can be discarded by a Muslim they are doing this for one of four possible reasons:

1.  They are incompetent 
2.  They are playing the Political Correctness Game
3.  They are playing the Middle of The Road Game so as not to distance themselves from the actors and actresses of the media, politicians, and from Conservative 'Reformers'
4.  They do not want to upset the many millions of people who will donate to them if they do not go to far off the liberal course in explaining Islam

In closing:  We will be defeated by the Islamic ideology and it's followers if we do not define Islam for what it is.  Islam has been dangerous for over 1400 years and it can't be changed.

I explain Islam using first hand evidence.  Since I started my crusade to expose Islam I have always done so in a purely journalistic manner.  I report facts: It is no concern to me if I offend the actors and actresses of the media, I do not care if I offend law enforcement who side with Islamic terrorists more than they do innocent Americans, I do not care if I offend politicians from the left or right, I do not care if I offend non profit 501 organizations from the left or right, I especially don't care if I offend America's number one Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Barack Hussein Obama. 

I lose many donations because of my straight forward reporting.  I only conduct first-hand research because I want Americans and others to know 'Pure Islam'. When I can I use my own meager funds.  There are a few that donate for me to conduct research in their areas.  For those who would rather donate to alleged counter-terrorism experts who are hurting our country more than helping, this does not offend me.  Anyone who spouts off lies about the alleged peaceful side of Islam is hurting not only America, but the innocent people worldwide.  They are hurting the future of our children.  There is no excuse for this.

My message:  Condemn the Islamic ideology and it's leaders/supporters as haters of the free world.